Active vacation in the summer sun

What is special about the summer in the mountains?

Are the lush alpine meadows special? Rugged mountain peaks? The chirping of the birds or the nimble marmots? The paragliders at the sky or the kite surfers on the lake? We think – all the little things together! The mild temperatures of the Venosta Valley summer are really perfect for active vacations full of unforgetable memories.


One says the higher you climb the mountains, the smaller are getting your sorrows. Lace your hiking shoes , shoulder your backpack and just start. Comfortable walking paths and also steep paths will guide you to managed alpine pasture and refreshing alpine lakes and promisinig mountain peaks.

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The wind behind you & and the sun in the face: Experience the Venosta Valley on the bicycle saddle and cycle steep slopes. Well prepared cycle slopes are waiting for racing cyclists and families. Wheter with or without engine , the Venosta Valley offers amazing tours.

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On the windproof Lake Resia it is a real pleasure to watch the kiters doing artistic tricks on the water. For the brave, there is a kite school with various offers from trial courses to private lessons.


What a pike! There are plenty of fish-rich waters in the Val Venosta and once you have the necessary documents, nothing stands in the way of your fishing success. If you prefer to watch fish in the water rather than fish them, then the Aquaprad visitor center is the right place for you.

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