Sustainability on the plate

Enjoy without bad consience

To taste the various specialities of the vacation region is part of every vacation. At the Maraias we go one step further , we pamper you with delcious, regional products from which we exactly know where they come from.

Breakfast buffet

Some of the products at the breakfast table are coming from our own farm and most of the other products are regional. We Don‘t try not to use plastic packaging.

Our own farm

We really love the countryside life, espically because of our own farm. Sheeps, goats, fallow deers , quails, chickens and our cows really have a good life on the fields and mountains.

Delight Boutique

In our delight boutique you can find different own products from our own farm and regional products. You can enjoy them at the hotel or they would also be a great giveaway for your beloved ones.

From farm to table

Be happy about the meals which are pre prepaired with our farm products and/or regional products. The meals must only be heated at your apartment.

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