Val Venosta hiking pleasure

From Burgusio to panoramic views

At the sight of the mountains, our legs immediately tingle and we are drawn out into the raw nature. Green as far as the eye can see and the possibilities are endless. Whoever leaves his mountain boots at home here has no blood in his veins.

Around Lake San Valentino
20 m
2 h
5 km

A picturesque round tour of the lake which partly leads through a beautiful biotope and a rustic forest. In the midst of the lively nature you will find many secluded places to relax or enjoy a picnic.

Historical Waalweg path
300 m
3 h
6.6 km

This hike takes you past the Churburg castle on a Bergwaal trail and over rocky slopes into the Saldurbach gorge, along the Leitenwaal to the prehistoric settlement of Ganglegg and over the Kalvarienberg back to Sluderno.

Into the Zerzer Valley
330 m
3.5 h
4.2 km

From the top station of the Haider hut cable car, a forest path leads to the Brugger hut for the necessary refreshment. For motivated hikers, the trail continues to the Oberdörfer hut, otherwise there are various possibilities for descent.

Hike to the Sesvenna hut
600 m
3 h
9 km

A shelter hike starting from the Watles mountain station, past the Plantapatsch hut, a climb takes you to the Sesvenna hut. The path continues to the waterfall and towards the Schliniger hut.

Day tour to the Ortler mountain
1110 m
5.5 h
13.2 km

This tour for trained hikers starts at the mountain station of Solda cable car and goes over moraine debris and steep slopes to the Tabaretta hut. The Bärenkopfscharte in the Tabaretta ridge leads you further to the Payer hut and back again.

Peak of Pian del Lage
680 m
4 h
6.4 km

Take the cable car to the Haider hut and from there the overgrown path goes westwards to the rocky slopes steeply towards the summit cross. After enjoying the distant view, the ascent path takes you back to the Haider hut.

Summit tour in the Zerzer Valley
1010 m
5 h
9.9 km

From the Haider hut follow a path uphill over the slopes to the Grünsee (Green Lake). Partially over herdsmen's paths on steep alpine slopes into the Schaf Valley and along the outflow of the lake up to the Lake Rasass and on to the Rasass peak.

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