Our prevention measures

We are taking care of your health

Keeping distance In the nearly infinite space of the landscape was never so easy. But also our Hotel was widely designed and offers vacation in the sign of privacy and relaxation . Rooms, suites and apartments with balcony or terrace, a NEW infinity panoramic pool in the middle of the garden area and a lot of huge public areas. All of these facts are making it easy to offer vacation with absolute carelessness and relaxation. 

"Love should be the virus with which all human beings on earth should be infected with.
Then our planet would be a paradies."

We are taking hygenie and saftey extremly serious to enable you a safe and pleasant stay. Here is a summary of all our hgygiene guidelines, if you need more information please contact aus.

What we are doing for your saftey: 

 Breakfast and catering

  • Enough space in the breakfast area for keeping distance
  • We also offer bread service.
  • If you prefer not to visit the breakfast room you can order a breakfastbox to your room. 
  • For dinner you can join our Delight Boutique



Reception and employee

  • A Smart Check - in is possible.
  • The key is kept the whole time by the guests.
  • Information and orders can be gathered and ordered via our digital guestmap or phone or of course at the reception. 
  • All our employees are trained accordingly to the safety measures.
  • The minimum distance is kept.



Rooms and public areas

  • Cleanness is very important to us and the cleaning and desinfiction are done by our trained staff.
  • Rooms are daily cleaned.
  • The cleaning of the apartments will be done daily or if you wish every third or fourth day (kitchen not included).
  • Every room, suite and apartment has a balcony or terrace. 
  • In the whole hotel you will find hand sanitizer dispenser.
  • The public areas areas are cleaned and also desinficted several times a day.
  • We provide for fresh air. Our new ventilation system is working with fresh air and an air exchange provides more fresh air. 
  • Our garden area including the infinity saltwaterpool offers a lot of space. The safety measures are kept and our guests only have to keep the minimum distance. 
  • The sauna is regulary and thoroughly cleaned and desinficted. 
  • If you join a message the safety regulation are folllowed.  
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